Why (almost) everything reported about the Cambridge Analytica Facebook ‘hacking’ controversy is wrong.


This is a very good read, especially if you don’t know the difference between ‘hacking’ and ‘cracking’. The standard difference is that a Hacker is attacking systems and probing security vulnerabilities for fun, exploration, fame, proving that they can, discovering weaknesses which can assist owners etc. Crackers are are the profit side of the coin. Their motivation is financial gain and/or to cause damage.

Most media people don’t know the difference between those terms and a lot of other terms and thereby can easily misguide you about things you don’t know either.


The Fitbit Alibi: 21st century technology used to help solve Wisconsin mom’s murder

I saw this case on 48 hours, it seemed straight out of a CSI episode. A lot of smart devices we own track our movements. Sometimes we set them up to do this, other times we don’t even know they’re tracking us.  These devices now end up helping law enforcement solve cases and to determine innocence or guilt.

In this case, a Fitbit device was used to exonerate one person and an Android phone using Google History was used to convict the real murderer.   In a previous blog post last year, I posted a link to where a Fitbit was used to convict a man of his wife’s murder.


Retronyms: Words That Don’t Exist Anymore – Everything After Z by Dictionary.com


The modern smartphone has made at least half of those terms extinct.

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