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Facebook now has 2 billion monthly users


“Despite Facebook’s size and age, at 17 percent its user count is growing as fast or faster than any year since 2012. And people aren’t using it less either. In fact, 66 percent of Facebook’s monthly users return each day now compared to 55 percent when it hit 1 billion. If the teenaged social network isn’t as cool to teenagers any more, it’s not showing in the big metrics.”

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Facebook now has 2 billion monthly users… and responsibility


Maslow’s new hierarchy of needs?

This morning, I saw this “updated” image of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs appear in my feed again and I smiled. I thought to myself this is not what I learnt in school. 

But then I recalled seeing articles last year about the Syrian refugee crisis and how the refugees had mobile phones with them.  It gets even more interesting as a “new study by UNHCR and Accenture finds mobile phone and internet access is as critical to refugees’ safety and security as food, shelter and water.”   Some aspects of technology now are becoming a basic need.